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Steamtalia: Spain by ToughSunshine32
Steamtalia: Spain
I drew this for an RP group on tumblr that I would like to join.
Fanart: Canada, Hetalia by ToughSunshine32
Fanart: Canada, Hetalia
Wow I haven't submitted in so long. I'm really glad I can now though.

Look at this cutie! Look at him! I'm really happy with how this turned out. I drew it for my brother and he really loved it. I might have more soon, hopefully.
Name: Tamata

Age: Five, will become older as stories progress.

Gender: Female

Species: Saiyan

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: -Flying
                              -Able to shoot ki blasts (EX. Final Flash, Galick Gun, Stardust Breaker, Photon Bomber, ect...)
                              -Can turn into the great ozuru when she sees a full moon.  

Weapon(s): None

Birth town: Planet Frieza No. 79

Previous towns: None

Current town: Planet Frieza No. 79

Birth allegiance: Lord Frieza

Previous allegiances: None

Current allegiance: Lord Frieza

History: -Born on Planet Frieza No. 79 to the Saiyan prince Vegeta and his mate Parnisp, daughter of Nappa, after the destruction of Planet Vegeta and nearly the whole Saiyan race.
        -Trained to be a warrior since a young age, Tamata has worked under the control of Frieza, invading planets with her fellow Saiyans.

Personality: A very sweet and silly girl, she's tough and loves to show affection towards those affectionate towards her. She's outgoing and not afraid to say what she wants, even if it will get her in trouble. She's smart, and will use that wonderful brain of hers to get herself out of the trouble her mouth usually puts her in. Of course, she has the Saiyan urge for battle. She never turns down a chance to battle, whether it be with a friend or an enemy.

Strengths: -Smart
          -When angered she gets a large power boost

Weaknesses: -Her tail, when somebody or something wraps around it, she loses all her energy, and is unable to defend herself.

Family: -Prince Vegeta, Father
       -Parnisp, Mother
       -King Vegeta, Grandfather on father's side (Dead)
       -Nappa, Grandfather on mother's side

Partner: No partners.

Friends/relationships: -Vegeta: Tamata knows her father cares for her even though he doesn't always show it. She's always striving to make him proud of her. In moments where Tamata is unable to help herself, Vegeta steps in when he can and will usually be the first to defend her.
                      -Parnisp: Tamata's mother died when she was younger, so she didn't really know her. She has few memories of her and luckily they're all good memories.
                      -Nappa: Nappa was Vegeta's old mentor when he was a child, and became Tamata's once she was born.Nappa is also her grandfather. Tamata does care for her grandfather, and Nappa feels the same, although he makes fun of her. She hates it when he picks on her, especially when he makes fun of her size. When he does, she refers to him as an old fart, and makes fun of the fact that he has no hair.
                      -Varnoc: Another Saiyan that Tamata found one night wandering through the streets. She mistook him for her father and went to confront him. After discovering he's not Vegeta, she tries to engage in combat with him, but quickly backs down after a previous injury stops her. Varnoc helps her, and gains her trust. She quickly discovers he's from the future, increasing her interest in him. Varnoc likes Tamata. He finds her happy upbeat and strong willed. He likes her determination as well. He thinks she can be a little stubborn but she is fun to be around. Varnoc takes a liking to her and  wants to help her anyway he can.

Likes: -Training
      -Making jokes

Dislikes: -Being made fun of
Fears: -Frieza
      -Losing the rest of the little family she has left

Sayings: None

Extra: None right now.
OC Bio: Tamata
I decided to make a bio for my newest OC, Tamata, so ya'll can get to know her better. She's a simple character really, but I put a lot of thought into her and I hope you all love her as much as I do! I'll probably come back to this over the course of the story I'm in the process of writing and make changes to it according to the story. It'll be nice to see her changes over the course of the story.

I'll be doing the same thing with my OC Sunniva Tays since she's my only other OC that's related to a fandom and goes through character changes over the course of her story as well.

Is there anything you think I should add?


I changed up a bit of Tamata's family. Nappa is now her grandfather, since he is now her mother's father. So she's no longer related to Goku. That's all I changed though. I felt it was more fitting.


I added my friend's OC Varnoc to her relationships.

Bio (C) :iconnoobyaoiwriter:
Tamata (C) :icontoughsunshine32:
Varnoc (C) :iconvarnocdbz:
I survived elementary school and middle school.
Give me a second to be proud of myself...
I'm going to give myself a pat on the back and go back to my corner now. :boxinthecorner: 
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I am just a fun girl who can never find anything to do. I pass my time drawing, reading, sleeping, and listening to music... IT JUST NEVER SEEMS TO BE ENOUGH! So yeah. I'm really easy to entertain if you find me something I will enjoy though.
I am really obsessed with a bunch different cartoons and animes so be prepared to see a bunch of fan art in the near future. (If I'm not to lazy to figure out how to get my printer to scan my art XP)


I role play! :D

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